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The best SPA cosmetics of the year 2006 and 2008 awarded at the Monaco European Spa Exhibition and Asia awards.

feeling of absolute beauty
unusual experience for your senses
unsurpassable passion for your beauty
bringing immediate and long-term results due to the cooperation of nature and science
distributed in more than 40 countries all over the world

Beauty and wellness rituals enriched by unique products are fancy, give you a feeling of joy, encourage your psychic-physical balance and harmonize your mind.


Slimming and drainage body wraps

Detoxifying mud therapy

Rebalancing of organism and deep detoxifying for complete elimination of toxins, revitalizing the organism reduction. Deeply stimulating mud. Also recommended for men.

Body strategist cellulite re-modeller

Double action strong body wrap against cellulite and for slimming. A highly intense treatment. Suitable for reduction of fat deposits, helps improve microcirculation, stimulates skin activity. Reduces weight and models body lines. Alternating feeling of heat and cold arise and the skin reddens. This treatment is not advised for people with fragile capillaries and thyroid problems or during pregnancy.


Indian ritual peeling

As the fire supplies heat, also your skin achieves unique softness and energy from rice peeling.

Indian ritual massage

This ritual massage is inspired by the ancient life philosophy of ayurveda. The Indian aromasoul will open for you the gate to a new world of unforgettable feelings which will capture your mind, soul and body. This treatment is recommended mostly for removal of tiredness, problems with digestion, insomnia, nerve tension and stress.

Mediterranean ritual peeling

As the waves of the Mediterranean, an olive peeling will cleanse, soften and caress your skin.

Mediterranean ritual massage

A ritual massage inspired by the energetic spirit and warmth of the Mediterranean culture, enhanced with the essence of the ocean. The hands of the therapist dance like waves, with sweet and nurturing movements that encourage a profound sense of well-being.

Fruit body peeling

Fresh rejuvenating peeling for the body, with an exceptional exfoliating and smoothing effect.

Face care

Face peeling

Soft peeling to revitalize and hydrate skin. Removes excessive corneous skin cells, returns cleanness and freshness to the skin. After the treatment the skin remains beautifully revitalized.

Hydrating mask

Deep hydrating treatment over 24 hours for dry and dehydrated skin. It re-mineralizes and hydrates in various weather conditions anytime when the skin is exhausted and tired.

Relaxation face massage

Massage which revitalises, regenerates and refreshes your skin. Peeling is recommended before the massage.